Driver Support...
Need help installing those drivers on Windows Vista 64 bit? We have searched around and found the follow support sites for this. These will help you install drivers for graphic cards, sound cards, video cards, networking cards, and any other software drivers you may need.
  Vistax64 Forums - A good forum resource site for Windows Vista drivers
Windows Solution Center - Direct support from Microsoft
Windows 7 Forums - A good forum resource site for Windows 7 drivers

Windows Installation Support...
Need help getting that installation of Windows Vista 64 bit? Here are some resources we've found that will help you do just that. These will help you if you are having issues with errors on a new installation or if you are upgrading from a previous version of Windows. Be sure to have your Windows error message handy so you can search for it on these resources.

  Vista Forums - A forum resource to get your questions answered on installation help
Windows Support Desk - Direct support from Microsoft website
Mombu Vista Forums - A forum with common installation problems and support

Windows Tutorials...
Want to know all the tricks of Windows? Your best bet would be getting a book or reading an online tutorial on Windows Vista. There are plenty of free Windows tutorials that are online and free to browse. We've done some research and posted the best ones we've found so far. You can learn the latest tricks you never knew about Windows Vista 64 bit.

  Learn That - A list of free basic Windows tutorials and free training
Info Packets - Windows video tutorials and eBooks such as Internet Explorer training
Vista 4 Beginners - A resource of lots of tricks for Vista like keyboard shortcuts

Windows Vista Software...
Find the latest software for Windows Vista 64 bit. Windows offers the latest basic free programs that most people don't even know about. We have researched around and compiled a list of great links for you to browse. If you have any free software suggestions be sure to let us know so we can add them to the list.

  Virtual Earth 3d - Search, browse, & organize local information viewed in 3D
StickySorter -
Is for brainstorming, planning, and affinity diagramming
Desktops -
Organizes your applications on up to four virtual desktops.

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